Lastish Blog

Heyy, Ella here. You can see that from my title that this will be my lastish blog. I am not completely sure what we are doing, whether we will continue a blog through out the end of the year or if this is it.. but if so then good bye… No one read this blog anyway, only other students that had to look at the other blogs, but that’s about it. I liked blogging, some what, it had its ups and downs. I always had trouble coming up with ideas. That’s why I wrote about Dora,I mean all the things I wrote I meant but, again the blogs I did end up publishing  weren’t all that good, again back to Dora.  I mean I did have fun writing the blogs, I would be kind of interesting  to write a blog in other subjects, like in science I remember in elementary we raised meal worms, and i had a lot of fun doing that, i would be a cool idea to blog about how they changed and grew. i also think it would it would be good in ELA, blogging about the books you’ve enjoyed, or haven’t enjoyed, poems you wrote. i know it would be good in art, like an online journal about your art, what you are working on, the mediums and techniques you used.


I think blogging would also be cool for online learning, we learned about how it can be beneficial but i had another thing that would help. Like if other people are having the same problems in school you are, or how to understand different subjects. because again everyone learns differently so if your teacher doesn’t teach how you need to be taught, so if someone with a blog could help with that, why not right?


White Tiger





white-tiger-with-blue-eyes-wallpaper-3d-wallpaper-3I love white Tigers, they are so beautiful. They-along with peinguins-are my favorite animals<3


A Bit About Me

Okay, I’ve have written a little bit about myself but i haven’t gone into details, so i will now. i am still in school I’m in grade 8, i enjoy math and art. I’m not very smart but in not stupid, mostly average, but i do shine brightly in different things i am passionate about. i like painting with my sister. right now i am working on a picture of a snarling white tiger, and when its finished hopefully it will look how i originally imagined it. . My sister though is incredibly talented in all kinds of art, right now she is working on a blue and white cloud painting, its really pretty and satisfying to look at. she is also really good at sketching, especially profiles. she doesn’t even have to spend a long time working on it, she will just do it and it will be perfect, i really admire/hate her for it.<3


i love snakes, but i’m not allowed to have one, lol any way, i do have pets i have a hamster and  my chickens, i have 13 #lookatallthosechickens, a bakers dozen we get a dozen eggs a day, they are free range, organic eggs… what ever that means. My favorite bands are Twenty One Pilots,Three days grace, 5sos and different country artists..  whats your favorite band? 

Sign Language

Heyy, Ella here. i have an important topic to talk about today. sign language. no i don’t speak it, well not fluently any way. i know how to introduce my self to someone, but i cant have a full conversation. i think that we should be learning about sign language in school, because unlike any other language this one is spoken in almost all countries. though not spoken the same language language, still it is a full category of language and i think its important to be able to communicate with people in our area, even simple little bits like saying hello. me and my  friend that i have mentioned before, Jenna,  and my sister are also trying to learn simple phrases in sign. but i know to learn this language it will be an extra expense to the schooling systems and i understand that we might not have the funds but i still think its important to learn, even if its on your own or with you friends.

Okay, so when you say your name in sign you actually spell it in sign, use the picture below to see how to spell your name—-\/  and to introduce you self you put your hand on the middle of you collar bone for my, to say name you put two fingers together (your pointer and middle, so its like a pistle shape with no thumb) on each hand and tap the together on the second nuckle for name, and the stick out your pinkie and bring it out from you collar bone again and bring it out to make a rainbow away from you for is, then you just spell your name, so you saying        ” my name is>>>”.  comment below what you name is, (not last name) and if you can introduce your self off the top of you head. with out looking at the american sign language

About Me- how I learn

Heyy,  Ella here, I’m in class right now, and we are to write about learning habits, but okay I know everyone learns in different ways and their are categories of learners like with pictures or reading it off somewhere, but I literally learn in  every way possible its really hard to explain, like I need someone to come over and explain it how ever they learn, but you need to explain  it a curtain way or I wont understand it at all, I also really like in math when there is only one answer and you use a formula, so if you do the formula wrong. You get the answer wrong and then its really easy to see what you did wrong and it makes it so easy and simple. Also if you sit by someone and you both don’t completely understand it, but you try to help any way, then you understand by re saying what the teacher already said. It actually registers in you head and you understand… ( completely all my experiences) I really hope I’m not the only one. comment below how you learn and if I’m not alone…